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In here, we care about you and the environment that surround us. KS group uses silver and messing as our main production materials, combined with others like leather, shinny glass and plastic, but we are also enormous supporters of recycling and reuse production materials. We keep the process of production into the walls of our company, so that none of it affects you or your environment.

About Us

Our greatest success in this field is, first of all, the loyalty pointed out from you, our beloved clients, and the second thing we are proud of (all in your interest of course) is the approval from fashioned sense countries such as Japan, France and others in Europe and USA. We try to bring you beautifully styled jewelry, made up by on our own and as the resemblance of already famous jewelry.

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KS Jewelry always try to bring you something new and interesting, since our first jewelry line launched in 1999, we never one stop making new modern adjustments, combining, our main production material, silver with other trendy materials, tracking youth and elegant trends in order to keep our regular ones interested and to attract new buyers.

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